New DLC for Uncharted 3 – Week 2
 August 21, 2012

New DLC for Uncharted 3 – Week 2

Stage 2 DLC for Uncharted 3 multiplayer is arriving! Get the full details on what items will be available.

Download all 79 items in Stage 2The time to launch Stage 2 of the new Uncharted 3 DLC is on the way! We are making a ton of new items for your custom hero and villain characters readily obtainable. All those event specific weapons and shirts you’ve coveted but weren’t able to make it out to the event to acquire will now be available for purchase. In total you can grab all 79 items in stage 2 on Tuesday August 21 for North American territories and Wednesday August 22 for The EU territories.

All the DLC for stage 2 will be available for purchase on the PS Store. You can preview any item in-game before you buy. In Stage 2, there are only fourteen items that can’t be unlocked as in-game reward. So if you prefer to grind and collect treasure sets you would be able to unlock some of these items in this DLC stage. The choice is yours.

Here’s a list of everything that will be available today, a small preview image, its price, and who can use the item:

NameImageDescriptionIn-Game RewardPrice
3D GlassesCustom Hero/Villain Yes$0.49
Bird NestCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Camo CapCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Descendant MaskCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Disguise GlassesCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Drink HelmetCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Explorer HatCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Knight HelmetCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Large SunglassesCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Long Nose Gas MaskCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Multi-Tint GlassesCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Night Vision GogglesCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Panda MaskCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Pirate HatCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Sailor CapCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Sailor MaskCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Scholar HatCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Ski MaskCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Space HelmetCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Star GlassesCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Straw HatCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Welding HelmetCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Wing HelmetCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Wizard HatCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Yeti MaskCustom Hero/VillainYes$0.49
Denied TauntAll CharactersYes$0.99
Heart U TauntAll CharactersYes$0.99
Taunts: Kiss, Flex, Flurry, Yes, Dance, LoserAll CharactersYes$0.99
Kiss It TauntAll CharactersYes$0.99
Thrust TauntAll CharactersYes$0.99
Taunts: Pump, Oh SnapAll CharactersYes$0.99
Uppercut TauntAll CharactersYes$0.99
Hero E3 ShirtCustom HeroNo$0.49
Hero Pax Prime ShirtCustom HeroNo$0.49
Hero SD Comic-Con ShirtCustom HeroNo$0.49
Hero U3 Cinema Event ShirtCustom HeroNo$0.49
NY Comic-Con ShirtCustom VillainNo$0.49
NYC Sony Flagship ShirtCustom HeroNo$0.49
Villain Pax East ShirtCustom VillainNo$0.49
Villain SD Comic-Con ShirtCustom VillainNo$0.49
Villain U3 Cinema Event ShirtCustom VillainNo$0.49
Comic Con AKAll CharactersNo$0.99
Comic Con Para 9All CharactersNo$0.99
Drake's AK and Pirate AKAll CharactersNo$0.99
E3 AKAll CharactersNo$0.99
E3 Para 9All CharactersNo$0.99
Chloe's M9All CharactersYes$0.99
Chloe's TauAll CharactersYes$0.99
Cutter's KAL-7All CharactersYes$0.99
Drake's Para 9All CharactersYes$0.99
Draza's Dragon SniperAll CharactersYes$0.99
Eddy's AKAll CharactersYes$0.99
Eddy's FAL-SSAll CharactersYes$0.99
Elena's G-MALAll CharactersYes$0.99
Elena's RafficaAll CharactersYes$0.99
Flynn's G-MALAll CharactersYes$0.99
Flynn's M9All CharactersYes$0.99
Jade AKAll CharactersYes$0.99
Jade M9All CharactersYes$0.99
Jade Para 9All CharactersYes$0.99
Lazarevic's FAL-SSAll CharactersYes$0.99
Lazarevic's KAL-7All CharactersYes$0.99
Marlowe's M9All CharactersYes$0.99
Marlowe's Para 9All CharactersYes$0.99
Navarro's AKAll CharactersYes$0.99
Rameses' RafficaAll CharactersYes$0.99
Rameses' KAL-7All CharactersYes$0.99
Roman's G-MALAll CharactersYes$0.99
Sully's Arm MicroAll CharactersYes$0.99
Sully's Dragon SniperAll CharactersYes$0.99
Talbot's Arm MicroAll CharactersYes$0.99
Talbot's FAL-SSAll CharactersYes$0.99
Arm MicroAll CharactersYes$0.99
Dragon SniperAll CharactersYes$0.99
FAL-SSAll CharactersYes$0.99
KAL-7All CharactersYes$0.99
M9All CharactersYes$0.99
RafficaAll CharactersYes$0.99
Tau SniperAll CharactersYes$0.99

Finally that Jade M9 or NY Comic-Con shirt you’ve been lusting after can be yours. Also what’s better than a Pirate AK and Pirate hat combo? Maybe some 3D Glasses? Your custom hero and villain can now truly stand out.

Please note if you live in Asian territories stage 1 and 2 of the new DLC are now rolling out together this week so you’ll be getting a slew of new content.

We’ll have more information about stages 3 and 4 in the coming weeks. See you online!