New DLC for Uncharted 3 – Week 3
 August 29, 2012

New DLC for Uncharted 3 – Week 3

Stage 3 DLC for Uncharted 3 multiplayer will be hitting the PS Store this week! Read on for full details on what's ahead.

The time for Stage 3 of the new Uncharted 3 DLC has arrived! If you’re a fan of the hero characters in the UNCHARTED universe this stage will fulfill your heroic fantasies as you can quickly unlock a ton of content for those characters. There are a slew of emblems coming for download as well. Over 70 items will be available on Tuesday August 28 for North American territories and Wednesday August 29 for The EU territories. Asian territories will release this stage during normal PS Store update hours as well.

Here’s a list of everything that will be available today, a small preview image, its price, and who can use the item:

NameImageDescriptionIn-Game RewardPrice
Merc Gloves, Soldier GlovesCustom Hero Yes$0.99
Tough Gloves, Worn Gloves, Thick Gloves, Leather Gloves, Reinforced GlovesCustom HeroYes$2.49
Heavy Gloves, Fingerless Gloves, Combat GlovesCustom HeroYes$1.49
Sully Beast BlingVictor SullivanYes$0.49
Sully Champions RingVictor SullivanYes$0.49
Chloe Frazer SkinChloe FrazerYes$0.99
Charlie Cutter SkinCharlie CutterYes$0.99
Desert DrakeDesert DrakeYes$0.99
Doughnut Drake SkinDoughnut DrakeYes$0.99
Elena Fisher SkinElena FisherYes$0.99
Marco Polo SkinMarco PoloYes$0.99
Nathan Drake SkinNathan DrakeYes$0.99
Redshirt DrakeRedshirt DrakeYes$0.99
Sir Francis Drake SkinSir Francis DrakeYes$0.99
Suited Drake SkinSuited DrakeYes$0.99
Suited Sully SkinSuited SullyYes$0.99
Victor Sullivan SkinVictor SullivanYes$0.99
Young Sully SkinYoung SullyYes$0.99
Crusade, Diamond Two, Double Curve, Flower, Helm, Medal, Medic, Yes Sign, ShieldN/AYes$0.49
The Man, Triad, Kabuki, Wraith, Y-Shape, Phurba, Battle Axe, SamuraiN/AYes$0.49
Emblem Frame Sharp Square, Emblem Base Banner, Emblem Part Ninja, Emblem Part Demon Skull, Emblem Part ChopperN/AYes$0.49
Demon Skull Two, Ninja Two, SkullN/AYes$0.49
Blade, Bombshell, Broken, Braid, ShotgunN/AYes$0.49
Triple Hex, Triple Streak, Wide Octagon, Abstract, Arrow, Cog, Egg, Sharp Square, Ring, Saw, Shuriken, Splat, Shape X, Bomb, Hand, Five SquaresN/AYes$0.49
New Angle, Angled Triangle, Half Circle, Octagon, Round Curve, Squares, Sharp Curve, Large Curve, Angled Corner Two, Arrow Border, Barbed Wire, BonesN/AYes$0.49
Eyes, Flame, Grenade, The Hand, Acorn, Five Star, Eight Ball, Nuke, M32, Star, Sun, Boot, Gasmask, Paw, Fist, Rock On, Spooky Eye, Antlers, Arm, ArrowN/AYes$0.49
Badge, Badge Two, Badge Three, Badge Four, Puffy Star, Rectangle Cluster, Rectangles, Roman Block, Spear Head, Bullet Ring, Card, Circle Cluster, CrescentN/AYes$0.49
Braid, Dotted Outline, Oriental, Oriental Two, Roman Block, Angled Two, Hexes, Skull SwirlsN/AYes$0.49
Four Star, Abstract, Hammer, Hawk, Hook, Knife, Leaf, Monkey Wrench, Double Silence, Knot, Eyeball Two, DaggerN/AYes$0.49
Leather Boots, Camo BootsCustom HeroYes$0.99
Sandals, Laced Boots, Sneakers, Light Boots, Leather Sandals, Hiking SneakersCustom HeroYes$2.99
Hiking Boots, Mountain Boots, Heavy Boots, Combat BootsCustom HeroYes$1.99
Chloe Slim GlassesChloe FrazerYes$0.49
Chloe Winter HatChloe FrazerYes$0.49
Desert Drake GogglesDesert DrakeYes$0.49
Desert Drake Head WrapDesert DrakeYes$0.49
Drake AviatorsNathan Drake, Drake UDF, Wetsuit Drake, Nepal Drake, Winter DrakeYes$0.49
Drake Ball CapNathan Drake, Drake UDF, Wetsuit Drake, Nepal Drake, Winter DrakeYes$0.49
Elena Cat EarsElena FisherYes$0.49
Trucker Cap, Hiking Hat, Fisherman’s HatCustom HeroYes$1.49
Fedora, Stylish GlassesCustom HeroYes$0.99
Suited Drake MonocleSuited DrakeYes$0.49
Suited Drake Top HatSuited DrakeYes$0.49
Suited Sully Bowler HatSuited SullyYes$0.49
Suited Sully Round GlassesSuited SullyYes$0.49
Sully AscotVictor SullivanYes$0.49
Sully FedoraVictor SullivanYes$0.49
Sully GlassesVictor SullivanYes$0.49
Cutter SunglassesCharlie CutterYes$0.49
Combat Leather PantsCustom HeroYes$0.49
Jeans, Dirty Khakis, Khakis with Crossed Holster, Dark Leather Pants, Frayed PantsCustom HeroYes$2.49
Shotgun Jeans, Shotgun Pants, Combat PantsCustom HeroYes$1.49
Ammo VestCustom HeroYes$0.49
Biker Jacket and HolsterCustom HeroYes$0.49
Dark VestCustom HeroYes$0.49
Emblem SweaterCustom HeroYes$0.49
Emblem TanktopCustom HeroYes$0.49
Mountain JacketCustom HeroYes$0.49
Leather Jacket, Biker Jacket, Adventure Shirt, Sweater, Dress ShirtAll CharactersYes$2.49
Tanktop, Sweater and Holster, Strapped TanktopCustom HeroYes$1.49
Strapped JacketCustom HeroYes$0.49
Torn Dress ShirtCustom HeroYes$0.49
Cattle BootsCustom HeroNo$0.49
Cattle GlovesCustom HeroNo$0.49
Cattle HatCustom HeroNo$0.49
Cattle PantsCustom HeroNo$0.49
Cattle ShirtCustom HeroNo$0.49
Rider BootsCustom HeroNo$0.49
Rider GlovesCustom HeroNo$0.49
Rider HatCustom HeroNo$0.49
Rider PantsCustom HeroNo$0.49
Rider ShirtCustom HeroNo$0.49

All the DLC for stage 3 can be purchased on the PS Store. You can preview any item in-game before you buy. Most of the items in this stage are available by playing the game and leveling up to unlock. So if you prefer to grind and collect treasure sets you would be able to unlock some of these items in this DLC stage but now you can just download them straight away. The choice is yours.

If you’ve ever wanted to play Uncharted 3 as Cowboy now is your chance. The Cattle and Rider custom parts can only be unlocked via download on the PS Store. They are available for your custom hero character. So cowboy up or go heroic! Nab a Beast Bling ring for Sully today!

We’ll have more information about stage 4 next week. See you online!