New MP map, Leaderboards on the way
 November 25, 2009

New MP map, Leaderboards on the way

We have a great update for all our fans -- a NEW Multiplayer map, “The Fort,” and Multiplayer Leaderboards are coming your way by the end of this week!

The Thanksgiving holiday is nearly upon us and we’ve cooked up a little something at Naughty Dog to give thanks to all our fans. We’re pleased to reveal that, as part of an update to UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves later this week, a new Multiplayer map will be available for all players at no cost. That’s right, the first downloadable game content we have made available will be FREE as a gesture of appreciation to all our fans! The new map is called “The Fort” and is a throwback map – it’s based on the “Fortress” chapter of UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune. The Fort is a long rectangular map with wide open spaces and excellent flank routes. Can’t take on the enemy head on? Take the tunnels into the basement to get behind the opposing team. There is a shotgun in the center of the map, but look out for people climbing up from below to pull you to your doom. Pay attention to the side room in the crypt, there is an RPG that is ripe for the taking. “The Fort” will be available in all Competitive Playlists and the Co-op Arena Playlist! Check out a video flythrough of “The Fort” embedded below. In addition, we’ve added a couple new features to the Multiplayer menu – Leaderboards and a player card. You will be able to check out how you stack up against your friends or where you stand on the Global stats in the following real-time Leaderboards:

  • Competitive Wins
  • Co-op
  • Kills
  • Money

As you hop from match to match, the new player card will provide you with a instant snapshot of your vitals: level, competitive wins, kills, money, co-op points and your current booster loadout. More screenshots of the Leaderboards and the player card are in our Flickr gallery. We can’t wait to get all these updates in your hands in the next few days and see what you think. Oh, and don’t be surprised if that’s not the only delicious thing we’re doing for you this weekend…