PAX East 2014: PlayStation Worldwide Studios Community Exchange
 April 4, 2014

PAX East 2014: PlayStation Worldwide Studios Community Exchange

The PlayStation Worldwide Studios Community Exchange, a community focused booth, is happening for the first time ever at PAX East. Check out the available merch!

April truly marks the beginning of the gaming event season in many ways. With spring in full bloom it’s the best time to try something fresh and new. We’re doing just that at PAX East this year. For the first time ever, five of PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios community teams have banded together to construct a community focused booth.

Come hang out with your PlayStation family in booth #608 at the Boston Convention Center April 11-13. You can discuss, share, and create PlayStation memories with community team leads from Guerrilla, Media Molecule, Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, and Sony Xdev. We have a slew of daily activities planned for all attendees, even those who cannot make the trip to Boston. Join our conversation now and all show long with #PSPax to participate!

While you’re there we’ll be offering up some highly collectible PlayStation memorabilia. This merchandise is rare, coveted, unique to PAX East, and will sell out! Here’s a full rundown on what’s been created exclusively for sale at the PlayStation Worldwide Studios Community Exchange:

PlayStation Family (#PSPax)

To commemorate our first ever community-driven booth we’ve made a PlayStation Family Limited Edition PAX East 2014 T-shirt. These beauties are limited to 500 shirts total and will be sold for $20 so be sure to get one while you can.


The hardworking people of New Helghan have created two unique items especially for PAX! Both will be available exclusively from the PlayStation World Wide Studios stand (booth #608).

Killzone Shadow Fall Assault Trooper T-shirt ($20 US)
Helghast Assault Troopers form the backbone of the New Helghan army. Show the world that you support the Helghast cause with this stylish Assault Trooper T-shirt. Available in S, M, L and XL.

Killzone Shadow Fall "Toothpick Holder" ($10 US)
This "toothpick holder" is the rightful property of the Helghan people and may not be removed from Helghast territories under penalty of death. A great conversation starter at Vektan parties.

Naughty Dog

PAX Pinny arcade just got way cooler as Ellie from The Last of Us gets her very own Pinny. The Ellie Pinny is available for $15. Also from The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Left Behind put down $20 for The Last of Us: Left Behind Cool Bunny T-shirt or The Last of Us Firefly Symbol T-shirt, both exclusive colors for PAX East and never before available outside of the studio.

Finally, in conjunction with Dark Horse Comics, featuring new cover artwork from Faith Erin Hicks and coloring by Alexandria Neonakis, there will be 200 copies of a short run of 1,000 copies of The Last of Us: American Dreams Limited Edition Graphic Novel available at PAX East.

Be sure to check out the back cover for a special logo foreshadowing a unique event regarding the studio. Related to that be sure to visit the Naughty Dog team page on Operation Supply Drop’s 8-bit Salute.

Sony Santa Monica

The Gods of Olympus have smiled upon you, PAX East mortals, as two original items, both featuring the God of War™ Ascending design, will be available for purchase. We like to call this “Kratos of the Rising Sun”, and his favorite “toothpick glass.”

If you feel like chilling out (and who wouldn’t) then be sure to pick-up this whimsical, eclectic t-shirt from the world of Hohokum , coming this year from the geniuses at Honeyslug. You can get either of these PAX exclusive t-shirts for just $20 while the “toothpick glass” will cost you $10.

Sony Xdev

Sackboy has come out to spread joy in the form of a cheery phone case for iPhone and Samsung phones and a happy, little mug. You get these items from the booth shop for just $20 and $10 respectively.

We will also be giving away some exclusive Sony Xdev prizes ranging from games made by our top studio to some signed artwork from the team behind Murasaki Baby!

Media Molecule has made a host of Tearaway items that you can get for FREE via giveaways, trade or with purchases at our store.

Yes! That’s an iota Pinny! Come and find one of the WWS community managers to trade or just bargain for one of these. With only 1000 in circulation, they’re going to be pretty rare!

We’ll be giving these Tearaway posters away throughout the weekend, come and see us to find out when.

These iota and atoi phone charms will be FREE with every purchase at the booth, while stocks last, and limited in number each day, so come early to avoid disappointment!

The biggest show exclusive we have to offer comes from recently released inFAMOUS Second Son. Limited to just 77 pieces at PAX East 2014, with only 300 ever made, this will be the first time the inFAMOUS Second Son Collectible Delsin Statue has been available for sale to the public. It’s a work of art and can be yours for $150 dollars. It’ll be out for one day only – Saturday April 12 – so don’t miss out!

There’s so much more to our PlayStation Community Exchange than just awesome collectible goods. Of course it’s not a PlayStation event if there’s not an element of play as well. Be on the lookout for all the fun happenings and cool activities we have planned for our PAX East community booth in an upcoming blog post.

See you in a few days! #PSPax

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