REMINDER: The Lab - Snipers and Pistole
 March 24, 2011

REMINDER: The Lab - Snipers and Pistole

“The Lab” is back for our second episode in March, which sees the return of the Snipers & Pistole variation – which we recently removed from the All Competitive Modes playlist.

Welcome back to “The Lab.” Our final episode of “The Lab” in March features the return of Snipers & Pistole, a popular gametype variation we removed from the All Competitive Types playlist a month ago.

“The Lab” is a special, limited-time playlist for UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves multiplayer that is active every other weekend. “The Lab” playlist features one or more custom-tuned gametype variations chosen by our game designers to test potential new settings, try out alternate gametypes in a real-world setting or just mix things up for the sake of variety.

“The Lab” is open from Friday, March 25, at 10:00 AM PDT (what time is that in my city?) through Monday, March 28, at 10:00 AM PDT (what time is that in my city?).

The removal of Snipers & Pistole from the All Competitive Modes playlist was our way to try to mix things up a little bit outside of running our “The Lab” weekends. We removed a couple long running gametype variations from the playlist, like Snipers & Pistole, and added in some variations that were previously only available in “The Lab.”

Snipers & Pistole is just that – all players are equipped with a Dragon Sniper rifle and the Pistole as their sidearm. The setup is meant to encourage long range and short range battles by trying to cut out the availability of the standard weapons, which are equally effective at medium range confrontations. Of course, the Dragon Sniper is pretty lethal and if you’re a good no-scope shot and can switch to your sidearm quickly, you can be just as dangerous when closing in on an opponent or being closed in on by an opponent.

As we stated during our March schedule post for “The Lab,” we’re in the process of evaluating the timing and content of our next playlist update – be sure to continue to leave your comments in the playlist feedback forum thread.

The maps available during this weekend of “The Lab” are:

  • The Ice Cave
  • The Lost City
  • The Sanctuary
  • The Village

We’ll be opening a brand new Snipers & Pistole discussion thread on the Naughty Dog community forums at about the same time “The Lab” starts this weekend. Be sure to leave your thoughts after you’ve had a chance to play a few rounds!