“The Lab” - April 2011 Schedule
 April 7, 2011

“The Lab” - April 2011 Schedule

Check out the April 2011 schedule for "The Lab" playlist in UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer!

We're looking forward to "The Lab" in April - we've got a new gametype that hasn't been seen outside of Custom Games and we're capping off the month with a one of our favorite past episodes of "The Lab." We hope you'll join us!

If you’re new to “The Lab,” welcome! “The Lab” is a special playlist we will be running for a limited time on designated weekends, roughly every other weekend. You can access “The Lab” playlist within the set of playlists found in Matchmaking in UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer. During each weekend “The Lab” is active, we’ll be running a specialized playlist featuring one or more custom-tuned gametype variations from the tons of variables we can tweak in our multiplayer gameplay settings.

Your April 2011 schedule for “The Lab” is:

April 8 - 11
Deathmatch – Crushing
This gametype variation hasn't actually been seen in "The Lab" yet - t's only been available as an option within Custom Games. For this weekend of "The Lab" you'll finally be able to earn some cash in multiplayer for participating in this hardcore gametype variation of Team Deathmatch. If you haven't been able to get a group of your friends together for a custom game before, the Crushing option sets player health at 80% of normal health - which means you and all your opponents are going to go down that much quicker when being shot at.

April 22 - 25
M32 - Hammers Only
We last saw this explosive gametype variation back in November 2010 and we think it's ended up being one of the most fun gametypes we've debuted in "The Lab." All players are armed with only an M - 32 Hammer, which all but guarantees that each match will be full of explosions and chaos! This is a great gametype variation to slot in the Sure Foot booster.

As before, we’re in the process of evaluating the timing and content of our next playlist update – be sure to continue to leave your comments in the playlist feedback forum thread!

We’ll also be hosting a new thread for every event on the Naughty Dog community forums to get your feedback and thoughts on each one of our “The Lab” events.