“The Lab” - February 2011 Schedule
 February 10, 2011

“The Lab” - February 2011 Schedule

We’ve got the February schedule for “The Lab” all ready for you.

Our first “The Lab” weekend for February is right around the corner!

We’ve into the second month of 2011, and we’re only EIGHT months away from the release of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception. I know everyone is also looking forward to seeing what we’ve got in store for UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer and we’ll be scratching the surface of what I think is an incredibly deep multiplayer offering in due time – I mean it can’t be too long now right, since we’re running out of months before release.

In the meantime, our focus is still with UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer and our “The Lab” series. For February we’re mixing things up a little – one of the very first “The Lab” gametype variations, Shotguns Only, returns for a standalone weekend. For the second “The Lab” weekend, we’ve pulled out an existing All Competitive Modes gametype variation.

If you’re new to “The Lab,” welcome! “The Lab” is a special playlist we will be running for a limited time on designated weekends, roughly every other weekend. You can access “The Lab” playlist within the set of playlists found in Matchmaking in UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer. During each weekend “The Lab” is active, we’ll be running a specialized playlist featuring one or more custom-tuned gametype variations from the tons of variables we can tweak in our multiplayer gameplay settings.

Your February 2011 schedule for “The Lab” is:

February 10 – 14
Shotguns Only
This popular episode of “The Lab” favors short range battles as all players are equipped with only the Shotgun and Pistole. There are no grenades and no other weapons available for pickup on the map, although you can still rock the riot shields and use propane tanks to make your enemies go big splody fast.

February 25 - 28
RPG-7s Only
Normally only found within the All Competitive Modes playlist – and only when it’s randomly selected from the broad range of potential gametypes – or within custom games, we’ve decided to give RPG-7s Only it’s day in “The Lab.” Fans of this rocket-propelled explosion fest will now get their chance to play it over and over and over.

We’ll also be hosting a new thread for every event on the Naughty Dog community forums to get your feedback and thoughts on each one of our “The Lab” events.