The new DLC, Matchmaking and you
 February 25, 2010

The new DLC, Matchmaking and you

The upcoming UNCHARTED 2 “Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack” downloadable content contains two new maps. In this post we’ll discuss how we’ve added the new maps to our matchmaking without creating new playlists, and how to configure this in your online profile to set your matchmaking preferences.

We’re right on the doorstep of releasing the “Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack” – our latest set of downloadable content which includes six character skins and two new maps available separately or as a bundle for use with UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves. A common question we’ve seen from our players is how we will add these maps to our matchmaking system. Purchasing either the maps or the bundle unlocks an option in your online profile, which is accessible by pushing the square button on your controller. As you can see in this set of screenshots, the new option is called “Matchmaking.” The option has two available options: “Default” and “DLC.” Leaving the option at “Default” essentially tells our matchmaking system that you want to get into matches as quickly as possible. The matchmaking system will then prioritize your matchmaking based on the installed content. The matchmaking system will first attempt to place you in matches where all players have the new maps installed – up to 10 players in competitive modes and 3 players in cooperative modes. If it cannot find an open slot for you, your party or create a new full match within a reasonable amount of time, the matchmaking system then expands its search and attempts to place you in any match using the original on-disk maps with open spots. This does mean that you risk the chance of not playing the new maps very often until enough players with the new maps installed have entered the matchmaking pool. Choosing the “DLC” option tells our matchmaking system that you want to be matched with players who also have the new maps above all else. This means you are essentially forcing yourself to ONLY play with players who also have the new maps installed. This can potentially mean long waits if there are no open slots in existing matches or if the system cannot create a new match where all players have the new maps installed. If you have a party of friends who all have the new maps, have the “Matchmaking” option selected to “DLC” and THEN a new friend joins your party without the new maps, the system will recognize this and only place your party in matches playing the original on-disk maps to ensure that your party does not have to break up. Whatever setting you choose, we hope you’ll find “Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack” worth your hard earned cash. Choose wisely and see you online!