Uncharted 3 - Patch 1.03 Notes

The Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception 1.03 patch is live and will be rolling out across all regions globally within 24 hours. Continue reading for full details.

January 12, 2012

The Uncharted 3Drake’s Deception 1.03 patch is now deployed and will be rolling out across all regions globally over the next 24 hours. The patch notes to update 1.03 are as follows:

Available: January 12 2012 

·         Users in the largest party in a game room will no longer be designated as Villains a large majority of the time
·         Cutscene viewer audio issues fixed (3D only)

Patch 1.03 contains the necessary technical hooks for the playing of upcoming DLC. Full details on the DLC content will be posted by January 17th.   

Please note: Patch 1.03 must be downloaded in order to play the upcoming DLC via online or on LAN Party. 


 We can make live updates on certain aspects of the multiplayer game and the following changes have been applied:

- Creepy Crawler Kickback - now requires 17 medals to activate (previously 15 medals).

- Quick Boom Kickback - now requires 10 medals to activate (previously 7 medals) and a 5 second decrease has been applied to its duration (now 15 seconds, previously 20 seconds)               

We are working on balancing and tweaking other aspects of the multiplayer gameplay such as the FAL-SS and other elements. We'll have an update about upcoming changes as soon as we can make them available.