Hair of the Dog - Week of Feb 7, 2010
 February 13, 2010

Hair of the Dog - Week of Feb 7, 2010

We’ve got just the thing to cure your weekly gaming hangover… every Saturday morning, Hair of the Dog compiles a round-up of interesting Naughty Dog and UNCHARTED 2 links from around the web.

UNCHARTED 2 Soundtrack in Stores Today - PlayStation.Blog
Greg Edmonson’s wonderful original score for UNCHARTED 2 was released on a physical format this week—the CD, if you’re curious. The PlayStation.Blog is hosting streaming previews of three until now unreleased tracks to the original soundtrack: “Take That!,” “Tunnel Vision,” and “The Heist.” If you picked up the original soundtrack already on iTunes or elsewhere, you can head over to Sumthing Digital website to purchase the tracks for download individually.

Thank You for a Great 2009 - PlayStation.Blog
President and CEO of SCEA, Jack Tretton, posted a recap of how well the PlayStation brand fared in 2009 (hint: really, really well)—in it he reveals that we’re doing really well too, mentioning that UNCHARTED 2 is “closing in on three million copies sold worldwide.” That’ll be a great milestone to pass and we’ll keep doing everything we can to keep that train rolling!

Experimental Weekend poll results -
Our Experimental Weekend—which featured a global health reduction for a weekend just to see what our players thought about it—is quite an incendiary topic. We didn’t expect the debate to be any less heated when we revealed the results of the poll. As you can see in our comments, players opinions on the health change that weekend is indeed quite opinionated and heated. We also revealed that Title Update 1.05 is coming soon, and that we took what we learned from Experimental Weekend to provide direction to some upcoming changes to multiplayer.

More details about Title Update 1.05 -
After giving everyone a proper day to debate the Experimental Weekend poll—and it’s still going, of course—we shed some more light on what’s to come in Title Update 1.05. In a nutshell: tiered penalties for leaving a match, fixes for the Level and Skill Rank reset issue we’ve been spotting, addressing flagrant AFK players, and we teased there were more features to come.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves DLC Blast - IGN
After two days of revealing details on Title Update 1.05, Greg Miller at IGN reveals that we have some more DLC on the way, due February 25. This DLC is centered around bringing some favorites from UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune into UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer. There’s six character skins and two maps—all taken from the debut title of the UNCHARTED franchise. Greg also reveals that we’ve got 12 new multiplayer Trophies that will be unlocked if you purchase the Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack, and that 13 new medals will come with incoming Title Update 1.05. Speaking of Title Updates…

Today’s Title Update, er, DLC announcement -
In our brief post pointing out IGN’s exclusive reveal, we also reveal when we’re dropping Title Update 1.05. That date is Monday, February 15.