Naughty Dog Events Page Launches with PAX East
 April 6, 2012

Naughty Dog Events Page Launches with PAX East

Check out our new Events page for information about all past, current, and future Naughty Dog Events!

Are you in Boston? If not, you should be. We’ll forgive you this time but E3 is right around the corner and San Diego Comic Con is after that. Events season is in full effect and we thought we’d help you get your gaming convention calendar in order starting with our panel at PAX East.

Check out our newly live Events page for all the current, past, and future events that Naughty Dog will participate in as we demo and talk about our games, highlight our gatherings and dish about general Naughty Dog gaming news.

First up is PAX East. Uncharted 3 Game Director, Justin Richmond, Game Designer, Emilia Schatz, and Community Strategist, Arne Meyer will be speaking about The Chateau, Creation to Ashes from Uncharted 3. If you’re not in Boston, it’s streaming live on Twitch TV on our Events page so be sure to drop by and post some up comments to us about the panel. You’ll be able to share your comments on Facebook so you can bring your friends into the conversation as well.

Hope to see you at an event soon! Keep your eyes peeled for links and updates to our Events page.

You can check out the video here as well: