PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack trailer and NEW renders
 February 6, 2010

PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack trailer and NEW renders

Check out the PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack official trailer! In addition, due to a bunch of requests, we also created some new high-resolution renders of the characters on a black background for you to more easily use the character renders.

As we were putting the finishing touches on the PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack DLC content, we started working on creating some videos we could put together into a trailer to show off the new characters you could buy in the pack. We finished up the trailer last week and GameSpot posted it on Monday as an exclusive. Now it's our turn to post it and share it with everyone. The video is posted below and you can also check it out on our YouTube Channel. Thanks go out to CHRP718, HighLuxury, I-Owe-you-Pain, W0Wbaggr, Yeef, Fizarf, Gyrian, RyanardoDaVinci, womfalcs3, and BrokenOath from NeoGAF for a little help with this one. Over on our Flickr page, we put up a brand new set of high-resolution renders of all the character skins. We got more than a few requests to put these on a plain background to make it easier to knock them out of the background and use them on fan sites, stats cards, signatures and so on. We listened -- feel free to head over to our Flickr and download to your heart's content.