What we’re up to at PAX Prime
 August 31, 2010

What we’re up to at PAX Prime

I’m heading up to Seattle in a couple of days for PAX Prime and I’m bringing some goodies to give away – hit the jump for details on what I’m bringing with me and how to get a shot at snagging them. There is one panel you should really check out that I’ll plug shamelessly.

I’m really looking forward to PAX Prime this weekend. It’s going to be awesome to spend time checking out what all the other developers and publishers are showing off, attending a ton of panels, speaking on three panels and – hopefully – running into some of our fans and community members. What we’re NOT up to at PAX Prime is making any kind of announcements... just in case you were wondering. So, what am I bringing up to PAX Prime? A couple of weeks ago, we asked you which UNCHARTED characters you would like to have on an order of 1-inch buttons we were placing. The results of our survey came in last Monday and we immediately placed an order for buttons featuring Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivan, Elena Fisher and Chloe Frazer. You check out a photo of the buttons below and on our Flickr page. image You’ll notice we’re bringing more than four buttons with us – we’ll reveal the other two buttons, including a limited, very special design, over the next two days leading up to PAX Prime. I also happened to find a bunch of extra voucher codes for some of our recent UNCHARTED 2 downloadable content – the Drake’s Fortune MP Pack, the PlayStation Heroes Pack, the Siege Expansion Pack, and the two UNCHARTED Avatar Packs for your PSN profiles – and I’m bringing a bunch of them with me to give away. To keep things fair, I will only be giving a limited amount away each day, Thursday through Sunday. How will you be able to get these buttons and/or DLC voucher codes? By one of these three easy ways… On Thursday, September 2, I will be dropping by the PlayStation.Blog Beyond Meetup. On Friday, September 3, I will be speaking on three panels – "What Do Fans Want? Fan Feedback on Community" at 3:30 PM in Serpent Theatre, "Movin’ on Up: How to Make It (Or Not) in Videogames Journalism" at 4:30 PM in Unicorn Theatre and "The Various Roads to Becoming a Community Manager" at 6:00 PM in Unicorn Theatre. If you miss everything else, I strongly suggest you come by the “What Do Fans Want?” panel – all of us on the panel want to know directly from you – our fans – how we can improve our website offerings and how we can do better in working with our respective communities. Show up, or else! (Kidding.) The final way is to follow our @Naughty_Dog Twitter account to find out where I’ll be and how to run into me at various points throughout PAX Prime. See you there!